From in-studio shoots to on-location editorials, RFCD Productions goes above and beyond to ensure your brand and messaging come across clearly and effectively with visuals that matter. The services provided below are available for your creative and production needs throughout any aspect of your project. 

  • Photo + Video Production
  • Estimate + Budget Management
  • Location Scouting
  • Location Management + Permits
  • Travel + Accommodation
  • Production Vehicles
  • On-Site Coordination
  • Catering
  • Crew
  • Digital Services      
  • Lighting + Equipment
  • Hair/Make Up + Styling
  • Model Casting + Booking
  • Prop Sourcing + Set Building
  • Billing + Payment Services
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Let’s break it down… Regardless of a project’s scale, there’s always one question that comes to mind—Is it in the budget? RFCD Productions focuses on the task at hand by monitoring all finances and expenses so you don’t see red. We negotiate firm rates with all vendors before a project even begins. 


Dollars and sense… Add-ons and extras can sometimes hinder your budget, so RFCD Productions outlines all aspects of your production by providing numbers based on today’s industry standards. Now you’ll have a better understanding of essential costs without spending more than necessary. 

Art Buying – Photo & Production Expenses – Talent Costs – Digital Imaging – Fees & Usage 

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Putting the pieces in place… Before the first pic is snapped, we believe that superior planning is key in guaranteeing a successful shoot. From securing locations, people (on both sides of the camera), or booking any necessary travel, we provide detailed call sheets and itineraries with clear communication. The specifics of your project will be ironed out from start to finish.

Location Scouting & Permits – Team & Equipment Transportation – Photo Studio Booking – Casting & Model Booking – Accommodation Booking – Prop Sourcing – Equipment Rental – Travel Assistance – Production Team – Catering

E-commerce Production

It’s all about the clicks… RFCD Productions can strategize and elevate your product so customers can hit Add to Cart with confidence. Whether it’s establishing an effective e-commerce studio with multiple setups, standardizing a seamless workflow, or providing a talented team of professionals with years of experience, RFCD Productions is ready to produce and deliver all the essential images necessary for your site. 

Crew (Staff or Freelance) – Location/Studio Setup & Build – Merchandise Logistics – Image Delivery – Equipment – Asset Management – Digital Capture

Video & Post-production

Action! From promoting your brand to showcasing a must-have product, take your concept to the next level with eye-catching video content. We’ll assist in budgeting, planning the shoot, booking the talent, hiring the crew, and finding the right post-production team to piece it all together. RFCD Productions can execute your video project so that the completed content is buzz-worthy. 

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High-end Retouching 

Set your images to stun… Lovely photography is made more beautiful with RFCD Productions’ partnership with photo editors and retouchers. From campaigns to e-commerce product pages, in-store imagery to social media posts, RFCD Productions has the best tools and talent available so they can clean up and accentuate assets, ensuring you’re putting your best pics forward.  

CGI & Animation

CGI and Animation is a refreshing alternative and a creative dynamic for promoting your content with an anything-is-possible attitude. Now what? RFCD Productions makes it all come alive with the right artists, animators, and specialists so that your ideas are met, while keeping within your means in regards to time. 

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Creative Content Studio

RFCD Productions doesn’t believe in small scale, just big ideas. Establish your brand and product through engaging and attention-grabbing messaging on social platforms and hand-held digital spaces. Collaborating with a team to produce consistent and creative content is key, and RFCD Productions is ready to achieve your goals regardless of budget or time restrictions.